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  • News | 09.10.2018
  • Worth knowing | 23.08.2018
    SUCCESS Of Merging GROUP OF COMPANIES sapsan and "EFORT"
  • News | 23.08.2018
    Types of security alarm systems
    That is why we offer you a choice between wire and wireless security systems.
  • News | 23.08.2018
    A smart house
  • Worth knowing | 23.08.2018
    One of the things the company “Efort” is most proud of is that we always give preference to the latest technology without saving on the security of your home. Thanks to that, we offer the latest equipment from leading manufacturers of the world. Today, this makes it possible to forget about the cause of the lack of home-based motion sensors due to the presence of pets. Now we have the ability to select and install motion sensors in the home, designed with a particularly sensitive sensor for animals, taking account of your interests and wishes. Various types of equipment take into account the weight, dimensions and speed of the object, which does not give the slightest hope of “cheating” the sensor. Therefore, the most important security device is already available to everyone.
  • Worth knowing | 23.08.2018
    Fashion Mirror-2018
    This clearly tells us our participation in security during the largest scale beauty event of West Ukraine - Fashion Mirror.

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